Cinderella music to coffee shop CC

Published by Pavol Trávnik on

Common Creative music, which you can freely use and edit based on conditions provided by author.

Ultra-constructive approach is one of the method in which you continuously change your environment by small enhancements. You don’t have to engage in politics, it is simply enough to make small changes in ourselves and make continual progress.

This motivated me to create loving and comfortable environment in Parallel Polis Bitcoin Coffee by CC music.

Everyone who listened Paralelna Polis playlist on Bancdamp album knows, that is really difficult to find CC music with excellent quality. So, I created open-source application, in which you can became Cinderella, music-selection.. 

Rate the music and create better music content for our excellent Coffee place.

When we finish with this project we are going to create torrent with the best playlist of CC tracks and put it freely on internet as a torrent, so that everyone can enjoy the best selection of music.

Pavol Trávnik

ex-lawyer, IT developer, voluntaryist