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Paralelná Polis is a non-profit informal community to advance building of parallel society, liberty and promoting use of cryptocurrencies. We are glad for any donations (preferably in cryptocurrencies).

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin-lightning

Other cryptocurrencies

Ethereum (and Ethereum based tokens) at 0xC0e842bA82c16ef9E1c5890A9696fF2FA72BEc07  or by scanning this QR code:

Monero at 44iq5DjJhaSTtdjbUyRuGqCxVqUK4dpTzgzU7pxpW68oa6AjHzZJ5oEU1jDum9KH7fBdNDRkbvHAgMAwPTpdCXxrPEgDBM1 or by scanning this QR code:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at bitcoincash:qqwgmqagqutyx9j928rrcf9t7m8tgnxvhgu8je28qj  or by scanning this QR code: