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Paralelná Polis is a non-profit informal community to advance building of parallel society, liberty and promoting use of cryptocurrencies. We are glad for any donations (preferably in cryptocurrencies).

Bitcoin at 376NeZjqcfDRAtKzYivBLMDLmbQDfGbNjV or by scanning this QR code:

Litecoin at MQzEdZrBDpSXPiJCr5jJNZBSEMqJ5goMDa or by scanning this QR code:

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at bitcoincash:qqwgmqagqutyx9j928rrcf9t7m8tgnxvhgu8je28qj  or by scanning this QR code:

Financial gifts from companies

If you would like to help us with the vision, let us know at We are glad for any help that you can give us.

Board members

You can also become a member of the board, let us know if that is something that interests you. Members of the board help Paralelná Polis financially, but also share their experience in entrepreneurship, business and running organisations. We help them with implementing the ideas and technologies in their business.

To learn more about us, please check our homepage.