Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Institute of Cryptoanarchy is a space where we explore (Crypto Hackerspace), educate (regular or ad-hoc talks and discourses) and connect people (Parallel Polis Club).

The Crypto Hackerspace is the space for experimenting with emerging technologies, cryptocurrencies and concepts. We create open-source projects that move the parallel world forward. We develop investment strategies. We experiment. We improve and evolve. We move things forward.

Regular program equals Bitcoin meetups, Ethereum meetups, blockchain events, life- and biohacking gatherings and others. Things move fast in these fields and we strive to stay on the cutting-edge. Advance both your personal and work prospects by meeting with and talking to the shapers and movers.

Parallel Polis Club is a community of people close to Parallel Polis topics, who might not yet be deeply involved in our regular projects. Join to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience among the like-minded, your tribe. Gain individual access to lecturers before or after events for idea exchange.