Virtuálna prehliadka

Paralelna Polis

Sme ľudia, ktorým záleží na slobode, zaujímajú sa o Bitcoin, vytvárame paralely k existujúcim riešeniam bežných spoločenských problémov.

Otvorené v pracovné dni 10:00-18:00.

Bitcoin Coffee

Kaviareň kde sa dá platiť iba kryptomenami. A má fantastickú kávu a biohackerské vychytávky. Bitcoin Coffee je miesto, v ktorom prebiehajú stretnutia. Či už dohodnuté alebo náhodné, našim cieľom je, aby ste z každej návštevy odchádzali inšpirovaní, plní nových myšlienok, vedomostí a nápadov.

Crypto Hub

CryptoHub je inkubátor a akcelerátor pre startupy. Ak chcete robiť čokoľvek so slobodu, decentralizáciou, Bitcoinom, kryptomenami a podobne, nie je lepšie miesto. Zabezpečíme know-how, mentorov a urobíme čo sa dá, aby startup bol úspešný.

Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Institute of Cryptoanarchy is a place in which we research (crypto hackespace), study (lectures, both regular and irregular programme) and connect people (Paralelna Polis Club). Apart for other venues, Institute hosts regular Bitcoin meetups, Ethereum meetups and biohacking sessions.

What does it mean that we are making Paralelna Polis?

Paralelná Polis (Parallel Polis) is a community non-profit that wants to increase our personal liberty by building a parallel (independent) society.

It consists of Bitcoin Coffee – the first cafeteria in the world that accepts only cryptocurrencies, Institute of Cryptoanarchy – an educational institution and a think tank, and CryptoHub – a coworking space and an incubator for startups.

We create free and inspiring environment by spreading ideas and tools for independent and voluntary society.

We are sensing the paradigm shift to new societal problems solutions based on decentralization, sharing economy, reputation systems, cryptocurrencies, censorship resistance and both economical and personal freedom restrictions avoidance.

Bitcoin, blockchain, reputation systems and decentralized technologies are creating a parallel free society based on different principles compared to traditional hierarchic centralized system (fiat money, registries, licenses). A parallel society represents functional and effective solution of existing problems in society and it can coexist with standing system.

Technologies offer new, just recently existing solutions to many complex problems in society. We experiment with these technologies and apply them.

How far in progress are we?

We are open! The place is beautiful and will happily serve you all!

Where is it?

The place´s address is Kominárska 3/C, Bratislava, Slovakia (OpenStreetMapsGoogle Maps), about 5 mins walk from tram/bus stop Račianske mýto or about 2.5 mins walk from tram/bus stop Trnavské Mýto.

Do you need something, how can I help?

  • People who like this idea – both active and passive supporters, part or full-time.  Anybody, who can make presentation or lecture. If you feel you can and want help us, be sure to contact us (by subscribing below or via e-mail).
  • Financial support – without it we cannot reconstruct and furnish our place to suit the concept. So we need at first to invest some funds there. We acception donations also in Bitcoin at 3GCiJ7mU2rVcosSng81YtPduYQk1gihxbo, Litecoin at LTdxY7gFGLP11JBLo4UyHaQDCKuBh1MZks. All other cryptocurrencies you can find here.
  • Board members – we need some starter investment, later experiences and steering course. We decided to create this on classical US non-profit organization principle, where the board members are supporting the place and steering its course. This concept has been verified in Prague and brings to board membres joy and value, they can assist us creating unique experiment and we think it will lead in future to better and more free society. We will gladly talk with you why and how invest in Paralelna Polis in Bratislava.

How can I participate?

Subscribe to our newsletter, it will inform you about meetups, proceeding steps etc. Or follow us on social networks. Currently the best source of information is the mailing list, if you have serious interest in Paralelna Polis, subscribe here. We are rocking also Facebook page, Twitter @paralelnapolis and Instagram.

I have seen you have nice T-shirts, how can I get one?

Either you can come to any venue hosted by Paralelna Polis (e.g. Bitcoin meetup) and have your Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet prepared or you can try new decentralized technology OpenBazaar2. After installation search #paralelnapolis or enter in URL pane shop address ob://QmcAiStTs67mBPE3vTLo7jvBLUE1MZGBHM76RzQ9fbBGUk – this works only in OpenBazaar client. If you are new to OpenBazaar, check the instructions here. We send T-shirts about once per week.

Paralelná polis

Paralelná Polis je na adrese Kominárska 3/C, cca 5 minút pešo od zástavky električiek Račianske Mýto a cca 2.5 minúty pešo od zástavky trolejbusov Trnavské Mýto.

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