The ultra-constructive approach

Published by Martin Habovštiak on

I write this article as a manifestation of the ultra-constructive approach because Juraj Bednár has promised to write it and has not yet done so. 🙂 In one interview he told me about an approach that is very pragmatic and constructive, leaving nothing to chance and directly transforming the world. Instead of complaining about how bad the world is working, it is better to work on improving it. Instead of voting in elections, it is better to start direct competition with the state and provide alternative services. He called this approach ultra-constructive, and instead of waiting and writing to him why he did not write this article, I wrote it myself.

If I wanted to elaborate, indifference to solving problems and calling someone else is a sign of strong domestication, on the contrary, the ultra-constructive approach is a symptom of grasping one’s own destiny and life. By solving problems a person also increases their competence and self-confidence. And if you ask what this article does have to do with Parallel Polis, know that the Parallel Polis is full of ultra-constructivists and is itself the result of the ultra-constructive approach, note: don’t mistake with rationalist constructivists. 🙂

There will be no problems solved for you by the State, nor government, nor the office, nor the Parallel Polis, which is only a tool and a helper, not the ultimate, single solution. All the challenges of life can only be mastered by your own strengths and resources. Be global, flexible and ultra-constructive.

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