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Recently, as a group of cryptoanarchists, we have decided to go on a holiday together. It might sound shocking, but by adding mathematics to anarchy, do not expect a chaos, but prosperity and cooperation. Parallel Polis in Prague has successfully proved it for years. Soon, more of the newly based PPs will join the movement across the globe, including the PP in Bratislava. And of course, among other things, we tested it on our holiday.

As a destination, we chose Amsterdam because of its good food, architecture and romantic canals. Obviously, there were no any other hidden intentions.

The Netherlands is known for its unique payment system where every business works different payment method. One restaurant excludes payments by ATM’s cards, the other one does not accept cash at all, the next one does not approve MasterCard, you cannot buy a train ticket with Visa, etc. There are various combinations and possibilities how to overcomplicate payments, but still a very pleasant holiday in Amsterdam.

We were a couple of folks, everyone of us was prepared for different payment method but we had something in common. From the days, when it seemed to be a good idea, we all still own Litecoin – for long years working shitcoin ideal for regular payments. However, in Amsterdam, in case that you do not want to make big compromises in food quality or services, is almost impossible to pay with crypto.

We found a really simple solution to the whole problem. Anyone who had a suitable card or enough cash paid for the whole dinner or lunch. Then, we balanced the debt between each other with Litecoin. Fees are negligible and functional wallets are for both iOS and Android. Coinomi is an ideal wallet for that kind of situations. The person who had paid for everything we ordered then showed QR code of the address, each of us scanned it, checked the bill, wrote a proper amount in € and finally sent a payment. The wallet converted € in LTCs at the current rate and sent them to the scanned address.

This was significantly a more convenient and faster solution than searching for restaurants where everyone could pay for himself or using various payment methods.

So that’s how we solved the problem, our cryptoanarchist’s hearts leaped with every single payment and the price of LTC was falling down as the rest of the cryptocurrencies – if you might think that there is a correlation between using some cryptocurrencies and its stock price.

That’s how you can operate anywhere in the world and if there are at least two of you. Everyone has a smartphone today and anyone can download a wallet for their cryptos. It’s also a great way how to teach your friends to use cryptocurrencies. It takes only a couple of minutes to show it directly on the spot. If they do not get it right away, they will probably forget about those fragments. Once the price goes up in multiples, they will very quickly recall their purchase, will be grateful to you and start to get really interested.

You can use crypto currencies while exchanging them with friends also at home. Does anyone need you to look at the car engine, fix a bicycle derailleur, or improve the performance of the old computer? Show them the QR code of your address, put that little effort and help them with the first payment. Suddenly everything will be much easier. All it requires is just the first, slightly unpleasant step.

Do not hesitate and use cryptocurrencies. It does not hurt (if you do not follow the exchange rate at wrong time) and in certain cases, it can be even more practical than counting coins or exchanging large banknotes.

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