Come try out Lightning Network in Paralelná Polis and save up to 50%!

Published by Martin Habovštiak on

We’re offering a discount up to 50% in order to test breakthrough technology Lightning Network and “Turbo” channels.

What do you need to get the discount:

  • A smartphone running Android, supporting Bitcoin Lightning Wallet
  • 10 EUR in cash
  • Come to Paralelná Polis during business hours and buy a “Turbo” channel from an ethical dealer
  • Pay in Paralelná Polis using Lightning Network and freshly opened Turbo channel
  • Be helpful in case of a problem


  • The discounts will stop after 12 July 2019 or after paying out discounts with a total value of 20 EUR.
  • The maximum value of a discount is 3.5% per customer.

Additional information:

  • The discount is sponsored by Martin Habovštiak, a member of Paralelná Polis
  • The channel will be open from the node of the sponsor
  • The node has direct connections to Paralelná Polis, ACINQ, Blockstream
  • The price is from Kraken + 1.5% (Same as ATM.)
  • We plan a similar discount for iOS owners in the future

Special thanks to Anton Kumaigorodski, the author of Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and Bitrefill for advertising and development of “Turbo” channel technology.

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