Biohacking menu in Bitcoin Coffee

Biohacking is a systematic way of thinking, living and acting to achieve the best version of ourselves. Become a hacker of your own body and get exponential results not only in your productivity but in every aspect of life.

If you want to have more energy, better memory and immunity, being able to focus intensively, achieve high mental and physical performance, or in other words achieve an optimal biological output of your body, it is extremely important what you put into it – i.e. inputs that you can influence.

One of the basic biohacks is to skip sugar in your food and reduce carbohydrates to at least 20%. Sugar in the diet contradicts the diet of the proper biohacker. We know from the experience that it is associated with the vast majority of diseases, makes us more tired, nervous, hungry and addictive. Therefore, even in our cafe bar, you will not find products that contain sugar or only in a minimum amount.

For our Bitcoin Coffee, we have chosen a biohacking approach because it is mainly based on learning and getting to know ourselves based on the practical experience of trial and error. And because we just love to hack anything. 🙂


Primarily we make double espresso coffee. We have two basic types: Black (double espresso) and White (Flat white). If someone wants a lot, we can also make an ordinary espresso or cappuccino, but we recommend a double one that tastes better and still doesn’t have as much caffeine as most people think.

Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee combines a high-quality selection of coffee, MCT oil (Brain Octane) and butter. This combination is unique for activating and using fat metabolism.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (MCT oil we use) is produced by extraction from coconut oil. We do not use palm oil extract. MCT contains pure caprylic acid (C8). This fatty acid with medium – length chain is something like “glucose of fat metabolism”. It converts very quickly into energy while helping to activate fat metabolism. It is a source of relatively fast and sustainable energy without the activation of insulin and the subsequent “fall”. Although caprylic acid comes from coconut oil, there is a little of it. The dose we use you would get from 8-12 tablespoons of coconut oil – and that would speed up your visit to the toilet :). Beware of supposedly bulletproof coffee that instead of MCT oil used coconut oil. It contains a bit of MCT, but not a sufficiently large amount.

Butter is a source of longer-lasting energy that the body can use later as the body switches to fat metabolism. In order to make this resource to work, it is very important not to eat any carbohydrates. In terms of energy, Bulletproof coffee can replace one meal per day. But be careful, the food does not provide us only the energy, but also the vitamins, minerals, proteins and the like that our body needs. Bulletproof coffee is not a substitute for a varied diet, but a quick source of energy.

Coffee not only adds flavor to this beverage but also caffeine, which is fat-soluble and gets into the brain faster and easier in such a well-blended mixture. Of course, coffee itself has a number of positive biohacker effects.

In any case, we strongly do not recommend to add any sugar. If you need to sweeten this coffee or eat a cupcake, save money and prefer White (Cappuccino or Flat White).

The vegan version of bulletproof coffee contains nut butter instead of cow’s milk.

The use:

For quick energy instead of one meal – Bulletproof coffee feeds and gives you energy from fats and a slightly elevated mood from caffeine. Alternatively, we recommend to eat it with 1-2 teaspoons of high-quality nut butter.

Turmeric latte

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa = Indian saffron)

It contains about 5% of essential oil (main ingredients sabinen, felandren, tumeron and yellow dye curcumin).

Effects: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial bomb, a strong antioxidant, antiseptic (healing of wounds, gastrointestinal tract, intestines), relieves toxins, improves skin, weight-loss booster, fights with obesity, helps with diabetes.

Tumeron is another biological component of turmeric, at certain concentrations it can increase the growth of stem cells in the brain by up to 80 percent (stem cells are important for the ability of regeneration and self-healing processes of the organism).
The increased effect in combination with black pepper (piperine) improves curcumin absorption by 2000%.

Black pepper

It contains a number of essential oils such as amino alkaloid – piperine, which adds a strong spicy sharp taste, a variety of monoterpenes such as sabinene, pinene, limonene, terpene, myrcene, which add flavor to the spice.

Effects: Substances in black pepper spice improve intestinal motility and digestion process, increase absorption of selenium, B vitamins, beta-carotene and other nutrients from food.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Effects: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, helps with stomach, travel and pregnancy sickness. It heals cold and flu, lowers cholesterol, stimulates blood circulation and boosts weight reduction.


Tibicos (Japanese water kefir) is a fermented drink with probiotic cultures to help you balance your intestinal microbiome. In addition, it contains phosphorus, magnesium (magnesium), calcium (calcium) and vitamins B, C and K. Functional microbiome is the basis of health – both physical and mental. According to many, it is the best probiotic-antioxidant drink.

Tibicos multiply during the beverage production process. We received our tibicos for free from Michelle restaurant Eska in Prague and we will be happy to share it with you too. Ask our staff how to get tibi crystals.

The use:

At any time, especially when you don’t want an encouraging caffeine drink. Besides, it’s the cheapest drink we have!

Adaptogenic mushrooms

These mushrooms improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress in various ways. Each has slightly different effects. It is interesting that we do not know the exact model of action since all these mushrooms have a large number of active ingredients.

In our Bitcoin Coffee, we use only double extracts. Many people use mycelium or dried mushrooms instead of extracts – but these do not contain effective doses in sufficient concentration.

All mushrooms are prepared with hot water as “tea”, optionally add coconut milk to the drink.


Effects: Antioxidant bomb. One of the most powerful natural antivirals and anti-inflammatory products on the market. Pleasant earthy flavor.

Content: double extract of wild Siberian chaga, Siberian ginseng, mint, rosehip


Effects: Reishi soothes, prepares you to sleep and reduces stress. We recommend it as a “biohacker’s final drink”, when after an inspiring day at Bitcoin Coffee in Parallel Polis you want to sleep very well.

We offer two options:

Pure (“tea”) or coconut milk: double extract of reishi, tulsi, mint, rosehip. Tulsi helps to control blood sugar and reduces allergies.

Hot reishi cocoa: double reishi extract, cocoa powder, coconut sugar (only 2.5g), stevia, cinnamon, cardamon.


Effects: To run a marathon, start with Cordyceps in Bitcoin Coffee. It supports sports performance. It also contains antioxidants.

Content: double cordycepse extract, schizandra, mint, rosehip

Lion’s mane

Effects: A hug for your brain. If you want to think smarter, have better memory and have more mental performance, Lion’s mane is perfect for you! Rodiola, which also this drink (50mg) contains provide boost your productivity.

Content: lion’s mane double extract, rhodiola, mint, darts, stevia