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Bitcoin hackathon Paralelna Polis

24. mája 2019 18:00 - 26. mája 2019 21:00

There’s still a lot of work to do on Bitcoin. So many challenges, so many exciting things to create and improve!

Do you want to be one of the people who did something creative, a part of history? Try to write some code or draw some interface! Maybe you will be the one mentioned in the history books talking about a specific feature of Bitcoin.

Since it’s easier to work in a team, come to one of the most cypherpunk places in Central Europe, meet people like you and create something big together!

The whole event is free of charge as long as you publish your work as an Open Source project.

This event is not just for developers. Good software also needs UI/UX designers, testers, translators, grammar nazis…
If you believe you can provide some value, come and help us!

Besides creating something useful, you’ll be able to learn new things from experienced mentors. So far the confirmed mentors are Max Hillebrand and David Molnar from Wasabi Wallet.

In case you plan to attend, please register to help us organizing the event. Thank you!

Friday schedule (the times are approximate):

17:30 Door open The door of Paralelna Polis is opened for participants of the hackathon. Come sooner, get some coffee, or create a Bitcoin wallet if you’re a newbie (don’t worry, we will help you!)
18:00 Introduction Welcome message together with some basic information and instructions is a must for these kinds of events! Make sure to be present on time to not miss anything important!
18:20 Getting to know each-other The mentors will be introduced and the attendees get the chance to intoroduce themselves and their projects.
18:40 Martin’s vision for Bitcoin In a very short talk Martin will present his vision for Bitcoin. This should be an inspirational talk about what features would be useful in Bitoin and what problems need to be solved. If you’re unsure what to do, this talk might help you.
19:00 Break
19:05 Key signing party Signing PGP keys of eaach other strenghtens Web of Trust and allows us to use software of others with more confidence. We’re going to do just that. We will use the efficient key signing party protocol
19:35 Team forming Meet each other, form teams and select projects to hack on!
21:00 Team quick report Each team quickly explains who they are, what they’re working on and why.

This event is in preparation. More details will be added as appropriate. Stay tuned!


24. mája 2019 18:00
26. mája 2019 21:00